Creative & Performing Arts at Ysgol Bryn Elian

Introduction to Department

We are a lively and thriving department with a reputation in the local community for high quality performance work. In our teaching, we ensure that pupils not only progress to the best possible level, but that they enjoy learning. Pupils, in addition to classroom lessons, have access to a wide and exciting range of extra- curricular activities and individual instrumental lessons.

Staffing & Responsibilities

Staff Member
Departmental Responsibility
Additional Responsibility
Mrs M. Hildrew
Head of Department
Teacher of Music
Teacher of Dance and Drama
Miss N. Williams
Teacher of Drama
Teacher of Music
Mr. G. Rasmussen
Guitar Teacher
Drum Teacher
Mrs S. Hughes
Brass Teacher
Miss R. Gautry
Flute Teacher
Mr. A. Kindred
Singing and Piano Teacher
Mrs A. Williams
Violin Teacher

About KS3

All pupils study Music.

Year 7 pupils focus on rhythmic musical skills, which they then use and continue to develop as part of the Expressive Arts ‘African’ themed work.

Year 8 pupils focus on keyboard skills, compose Film and TV music and perform Balinese Gamelan music.

Year 9 pupils focus on pop band skills, compose Ternary and Rondo music and perform Twelve Bar Blues music.

Year 7 pupils study Drama.

Year 7 pupils focus on basic performance skills and techniques learning tableaux, hot seating, essence machines and character development, which they then use and continue to develop as part of the Expressive Arts ‘African’ themed work.

About KS4


Pupils study BTEC Level 2 First Award in Music where they learn about the music industry today and the job opportunities and roles available to them. They produce and manage the annual ‘Bryn Elian’s Got Talent’ event as well as setting up and running the sound system for the whole event. Finally, pupils perform at regular events during the course improving their skills and performance techniques.


Pupils study WJEC GCSE Drama where they study theatre practitioners and learn techniques and skills, which are then applied to scripted and devised performances. Pupils study set texts and visit the theatre to watch live performances in order to write a theatre review as part of their final exam.

A little bit about Careers involving this subject

The Music and Performing Arts industry is a multi-million pound business employing thousands of people in all types of roles, for example:

Music related careers – Musician, composer, sound technician, venue manager, A&R, instrument technician, concert promoter, session musician, teacher and music journalist etc.

Drama related careers – Actor, director, script writer, lighting technician, theatre critic, teacher and booking agent etc.

Musical Theatre related careers – Performer (singer, dancer, actor), musician, conductor, stage designer, costume designer, lighting designer and agent etc.

Other information

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