Studying Media

Level: AS/A2

Why should we study the Media? We are bombarded by Media messages on a daily basis. These messages often try to influence our behaviour. It is therefore essential that we are able to analyse and understand this key modern industry. Media Studies has been designed to develop the skills required for this analysis.

What do you do?

Students will explore a wide variety of media, including film, music, TV and the internet, and assess how texts are constructed to appeal to audiences. Key media concepts, such as genre and audience, will be studied via practical analysis of real world media texts (films, music videos, websites etc). Students will also be required to write formal essays and carry out research.

The course also encourages creative work. Students will produce an original Media text as part of their AS work. For example, students could design a CD sleeve for a new band, or create a brand new magazine. This creative work can be undertaken individually, or in groups.

What kind of Student does the course suit?

Students need to be creative as they will make a product.
Students need to have a reasonable standard of English as they will write essays.
Students need to be able to work independently, as the production part of the course requires a lot of work outside of the classroom.

How is Media assessed at advanced level?

The qualification comprises four modules spread over the two-year course.


MS1 : Media Representations and Responses – examination
MS2 : Media Production Processes – coursework


MS3 : Media Investigation and Production - coursework
MS4: Media: Text, Industry and Audience – examination